About Trainer Steve

As a champion for life enhancement, Steven Herrera is well known for making bodies feel relief and ease. He is a personal trainer, movement specialist, and life enhancement & nutrition enthusiast. Once you experience how relieving a session with him is, you’ll never want to work with another person again. You’ll find his approach to life enhancement very effective. Whether its losing weight, getting stronger, moving better, or building better habits, Steven has you covered. He uses the perfect blend of scientifically proven protocols in combination with his wizard-like, intuitive style, to deliver you a unique experience in training unable to be received elsewhere. He has offered over 10,000 fitness classes and has written over 2,000 training programs, and is exclusively offering private coaching in Portland OR, Vancouver WA and via Skype.


Heaviest Weight Lifted by Kettlebell Swing In One Hour

Trainer Steve will be attempting a world record for the most weight swung in one hour via kettlebell. The attempt will take place on March 27th, 2021 in honor of diabetes awareness.


Steve is the founder of Stick-To-It Fit Personal Training and author/creator of the diet book and instructional course “Keto the Easy Way”, a 7 day program that delivers the benefits of keto without its drawbacks. His fitness studio is in NE Portland where you can train with him privately.
Steve also operates Stick-To-It Fit as an online life enhancement platform, providing nuggets of wisdom to his followers via his blog, Facebook, Instagram, and through the life enhancing products available for purchase.



As a pudgy 6 year old child, Steven watched his grandmother have a stroke from diabetes. He panicked as he witnessed the white of her eyes roll back like the wheels on a slot machine. With no mother and father around, he was lost and didn’t know what to do. Since that instance, Steven grew a terrible fear of ill health and mortality cut short due to poor decisions. Suffering his grandmother’s passing, Steven had a battle of his own. He was severely overweight and received a major impact to the head that caused a skull fracture, concussion, and rattled brain. With resulting depression, ADD, anxiety, a lost sense of identity, and 30k in student loan debt, Steven had a burning desire to make change happen. He kept his belief and sought after the right teachers and mentors. Despite his severe brain fog and memory loss, he had a vision and mentors would be key in getting him there. Pulling from unpractical places he found father figures in comedians Adam Carolla and Joe Rogan, and role modeled what he learned from Men’s Health magazine and Christian Thibadeau of T-Nation. These models ultimately helped him find his way. He went from ‘man-boobed and brain-fogged’ to ‘six pack and sharp — completely rebuilding his entire body, brain, and well-being. Now that he has transformed his life, he continues to strive for progress in new ways. He has re-shifted his focus to what he loves most: helping others make their very own transformation.